Smart Latinas Get The Party Started

I have been needing to write a blog post for ages. Unfortunately, in my constant quest for perfection, I neglected to get around to actually writing, well, something.

Anything, really.

I’ve written drafts, come up with outlines, and gotten absolutely… Nowhere!

Why? What about writing a blog post is so hard, anyway?

Nothing, it turns out. You just have to get the party started.

So here it is - welcome, friends, to my party. It’s about Smart Latinas, but everyone is invited. Come on down, have a drink or two, and party with me as we celebrate the Smart Latina in every one of us!

Lesson One: Smart Latinas don’t wait for perfection, or for someone else to throw down the gauntlet. They get the tools they need to produce the best they can with the time that they have. No time like the present. Just get the party started.



Ready? Go!