Smart Latinas Get Past their Grudges

I recently learned that I will soon be spending a decent amount of time with someone I really don’t like.

This person, in my opinion, is a source of extremely negative energy, constantly bringing everyone down. This person has nearly made me cry in the past, due to hurtful words disguised as “assistance” (really, the person is just jealous of all that I have accomplished, but that doesn’t mean words can’t hurt!). I vowed, after our most recent encounter, that I would never interact with the person again.

And then, for reasons completely out of my control, we have been put on a project together.

Smart Latinas - this is called life. We can’t always choose who crosses our paths, but we can choose how we interact with the world around us.

I can’t promise that this person won’t hurt me again. But I will promise to treat the person with respect. And, if I am required to do more than simply be in the same room with this person, then I will be as professional as possible.

It won’t be easy, but the world doesn’t become a better place when we back down and run, scared, into the corner.