Smart Latinas Get Someone Else to Pay for College

You know, there is a LOT of money out there for Latinas, especially Smart ones.

So why is it that so many Smart Latinas in elementary, middle, and high school think they can’t afford to go? Are they simply not aware of the oodles and oodles of money that’s currently out there?

Fortunately, Escúchame is here to help. We have compiled a list of over 250 scholarships, specifically for Latinos. I’m confident that students will find it very helpful. (Of course, legally, I can’t make any guarantees whatsoever, but I’ve got a good feeling :-))

When I was applying to college, I didn’t apply for any scholarships outside of the ones offered by the schools to which I was directly applying. Looking back, I can honestly say that that was a pretty dumb idea: in the end, some schools offered me money, and some didn’t. It would have been MUCH nicer if I had external scholarships, that I could take to whatever school I wanted!

Fortunately I was super lucky and got an amazing scholarship at the school I wanted. My second-choice school gave me half of what my first-choice gave me, but I managed to get them to match my first-choice school (more on that some other time). And my third-choice school gave me hardly anything. But what if my desires were different? I know plenty of folks who didn’t get enough money for their first-choice school and had to settle for a different one, unfortunate as that is.

So, if I have a lesson to share, it’s this: apply for as many scholarships as you can. You can always turn a scholarship down, but you can’t suddenly scramble for money at the last minute. Apply early, too, so you don’t get as stressed out when the deadline approaches!