Smart Latinas Share their Knowledge

A few weeks ago I created my first video for my Escúchame blog, It’s called Twitter in 60 Seconds, and it quite literally takes you through all the basics in a single minute:

I made the video for multiple reasons:

1) I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for Twitter tutorials. Let’s be honest, though - I don’t have time to spend 20 minutes with every person who asks for Twitter help (not that I don’t want to!). And teaching Twitter is really a one-on-one event, unless you have a computer lab. Most importantly, though, everyone learns at a different pace.

2) I like making videos. I’ve made all of the how-to videos for navigating the Escúchame website. And, when I was in middle/high school, I desperately wanted to be a filmmaker. Though my dreams of becoming the next Stephen Spielberg have drastically changed, I still get a thrill out of scripting, storyboarding, and editing.

3=1+2) I knew I could make an effective Twitter video. I wanted it to be quick, so that even the busiest person could watch it. I wanted it to be easy, so that even the most distracted person could learn from it. And I wanted it to be full of information, so that everyone could go at their own pace and get everything they need.

I never really thought that my knowledge of Twitter would be the biggest deal in the world, but it’s helped quite a few people so far! Here’s to hoping it helps even more soon - I’ll even be making a more advanced Twitter video (covering hashtags, lists, and favorites) soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, though - what knowledge can you share? Have you thought about sharing it with other Smart Latinas at Get started today!