Smart Latinas Learn to be Patient

I like to blame my impatience on the fact that I’m a member of Gen Y.

I’m so used to immediate gratification: If I press a button on the remote, the TV, satellite, and audio system all turn on - at the same time. If I click on an app on my iPad, I can read all the latest and greatest blog posts on topics that matter to me. If I send a text to my younger sister about what she wants for lunch, she has the option to shout or text me back. Either way, I’ll have an answer to my inquiry in a matter of seconds.

But no matter how fast our computers are or how much our society advances technologically, the fact of the matter is that sometimes…

We just have to wait.


It turns out: there’s no turbo button on big decisions.

Years of experience can’t be gained in an hour or two.

Building a following isn’t as easy as sending a single tweet.

These things take time.

And, I think, the most important factor for all of us Gen Y-ers is: we’re not running out of time.

We have our whole lives ahead of us - what’s the rush?