Smart Latinas Are Multilayered

Sometimes I feel like my life is divided into three buckets: education, technology, and community.

And then I spend a lot of time (usually while worrying and stressing), trying to determine which bucket I should concentrate on. When we talk to people, we get the idea that they have one passion - one thing they spend their whole lives doing. Educators, it seems, have spent their entire careers in education. Community activists appear to have found their calling early on in life and spend upwards of 30 years (or more!) making a difference. The world of technology is still relatively new, but even there the top players have been in the business seemingly forever.

But then I have moment of clarity. (Sure, sometimes it takes a few weeks, but I get there eventually!) And I realize that, when I closely examine the people who I look up to, there’s one thing that separates me from them.

Simply put: They’re not me.

I have been blessed with a life full of education, technology, and community. Every day, new things happen. Why repeat history?

It’s absolutely vital to remember that there are role models for us out there. In many (possibly even most) cases, they won’t look or act like us, and we’ll look up to them anyway (as we should!). But we’re not limited by the people who have gone before us; if anything, we’re enabled by the paths they have paved throughout their journeys.

And now it’s on us to create our own lives, with as many buckets as we need. You may only have one bucket, and that’s wonderful! Pour everything you have into that bucket and own it! Or you may have seven buckets - what will you do with them?

I think I’m going to replace my buckets with a pool, and pour everything I have into that. I know I can make a difference - only time will tell how.