Smart Latinas Bond with Gatekeepers

Meet with the Senior Vice President (or President, for that matter). Be on the guest list for the next exclusive event. Know about big announcements before anyone else.


Simple: make friends with the people who have the access. (Notice how I said simple - not easy.) Generally, these people are the secretaries and executive assistants, the clerks, the people who may not have the “top” titles but (really, let’s face it) do most of the background work and thus know everything.

We - as a society - have a tendency to take these incredibly valuable people for granted. Because they don’t have the flashy, high-visibility positions, we assume that they are somehow less important. Yet that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, gatekeepers are the glue that holds the major pieces of a company or organization together!

Because of our negligence, gatekeepers are often under-recognized and overlooked. Being friendly and building bonds will not only be a nice thing to do, but it will also give you very special access to those high-powered players.

Be aware, however: gatekeepers can smell a fake from a mile away. If you can’t be sincere, then don’t bother. It is just as easy for them to slam the door shut and close you out as it is for them to welcome you in. We’re not talking about social engineering here; it’s understanding the inner-workings of business and gaining access to people who need to hear your story.

So: make nice with the people who run the schedules, sort the mail, and answer the phone. They’ll make sure that your appointment gets made, your letter is received, and your call is returned. And once you’ve made it to the inside, make sure you keep up with your “please” and “thank you” - you’ll be grateful for the connections in the long run!