Homepage is Updated!

So, here’s what I’ve managed to do today, in between this, that, and everything else:

  1. Moved the blog from http://raquelvelez.com to http://rckbt.me

  2. Uploaded an engineering themed site to http://raquelvelez.com

  3. Got the RSS feed working for the blog (took me several google searches before I discovered that the “fix” was to switch the permalinks to default and then back to the fancy /year/month/title version)

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it happened!

Also, I’m FULLY aware that http://raquelvelez.com isn’t the prettiest thing ever. I’m also fully aware that for non-engineers, the engineering theme makes absolutely NO sense, whatsoever. At some point, I’ll put in some language explaining that the nav bar is actually a control system and what that means/how it works. But until then, I’ve got a few other things on my plate, like making the site responsive and getting my hands dirty in some JavaScript/jQuery sweetness!