Wherein I Document my Progress More Thoroughly: CrowdNotes!

So, yesterday I mentioned that I have taken it upon myself to learn Node.js.

Today, I am happy to announce that I have decided to write my first Node.js app! No, I’m not a professional “Noder,” nor am I really past the “n00b” stage - let’s just say that, for all intents and purposes, I’m a “N00der.” :-)

That said, I’d like to fully document my progress of developing a Node.js app from start to finish. There isn’t anything online for how to develop an app from beginning to end, so that’s where I come in. Right now, if you do some Google searching for Node.js, you’ll find a binomial distribution of content: some beginner tutorials that all pretty much cover the same things and some advanced blog posts about how to implement some very high-level, very particular tool for which only a small percentage of the Node.js population is ready.

To that end, I have decided to embark on CrowdNotes, a crowd-sourced note-taking app, perfect for conferences, workshops, and classes!

The premise is this: say you’re at a conference like BarCamp, where you can only pick one talk to sit on at a time. But there are two talks you’d like to see! Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take notes for you? Ah, if only it were so simple.

See, most conference attendees only take notes on the things they remember. (Have you ever noticed on Twitter, that even if there’s a dedicated Tweeter for an event, other people who randomly tweet will cover different things than the dedicated Tweeter?) So what if you could take everyone’s notes, collate them by time, and spit out all the notes into one single document?

In comes CrowdNotes. CrowdNotes will compile everyone’s notes from a single event into a single document.

And, so far, that’s all I have. I have an idea for a web app. And I know it’s the perfect sort of web app for Node.js. And it’s potentially extremely useful. Thus - it’s the perfect project!

Follow along on the blog (via the CrowdNotes category) and on GitHub. And please feel free to comment! I appreciate all the help I can get :-)