Speaking About All the Things!

I started out this year wanting to do more technical speaking. Last year I was able to dabble around, speaking about this and that, which was super fun, but not necessarily technical.

This year, however, I’ve managed to surprise myself with the number of speaking engagements I’ve done so far. (You may have noticed I now have a Speaking page up in the menu!) From engineering to robotics to an upcoming talk on Front End Development in Node.js, I’m totally working the local Charlotte, NC circuit! I’ve also been continuing my not-necessarily-technical engagements, though I’m just as proud of them as my technical talks: knowing full well that I’m one of a relatively few women in technology, I’m pumped to be asked by a variety of groups all over the world to talk about what it’s like to be me and serve as a role model to women and girls who are interested in tech.

I’m going to do my best to keep the Speaking page up to date; if you know of any opportunities out there that I might be able to contribute to, please don’t hesitate to contact me!