Node Knockout!

Last weekend, I spent the craziest 48 hours I’ve spent in a while, building with a team of buddies from work. It was, to say the least, awesome. It was also incredibly exhausting, and I wish we’d had more time to put something extra awesome together, but I’m really proud of what we managed to pull off.

Convene is like CrowdNotes, but completely re-imagined. We’re still focusing on conferences and events, but instead of keeping everything entirely locked into the system, the app uses Twitter for all social communication.

The user flow goes something like this:

  • Organizers

  • Create a new event, include all event info (hashtags, description, location, time/day, etc)

  • Invite speakers

  • Speakers

    • Fill out their talk(s) for the conference, include talk info (title, hashtags, description)

  • Participants

    • Comment on the conference/talks with tweets using the appropriate hashtags (do it all through the app)

    • Vote on other peoples’ tweets (with an upvote or downvote), which affects the color of tweets, talks, and conferences

    All of it happens in real time (which is why it’s a really great project for node!), so participants can easily see (via the changing colors) what’s hot and what’s not. Organizers get realtime feedback on how the conference is going, speakers can immediately see what kind of impact they had on their audience members, both objectively and subjectively, and participants can focus their energies on talks and conferences that are worthwhile! (Plus, anyone can go back and see what happened at a conference X days ago, whereas Twitter only lets you search the last 30 days’ worth of tweets.)

    I honestly think it’s a great product idea - I just wish we had a bit more time to pull it off ;-)

    Instead, the Twitter API gave us quite a bit of trouble (and only lets users sign in right now), we ran out of time for visualizing the data (though you can see the up/down vote counter sort of working), and the whole site could use a bit of polish on the front end (which was my main responsibility).

    In a perfect world, I’d take some time to make Convene the app it really is meant to be (along with my teammates, of course!), but given how hectic my life has been the last month and the upcoming holidays, I can’t honestly say it’ll get done before the end of the year. That said, the next run of conferences start up in the spring, so maybe I’ll have some time to work on it by then!

    BTW: Voting ends today - if you manage to see this before voting closes and want to give the app a big ol’ thumbs up, please do! Vote here: