Side Projects and Conferences

If you’ve been keeping up with my GitHub profile, you’ll have noticed that I have been slowly (but surely!) adding more goodness to vektor, the first purely robotics-based linear algebra module on npm.

Yes, it still needs documentation. And yes, the tests could be better (but at least they exist!).

But. BUT. (And I should have mentioned this earlier…)

My talk proposal to JS Conf US 2013 got accepted!!

Which basically means that I’ve also been spending the last several weeks becoming rather familiar with Johnny-Five, my little arduino, and a couple of servos. Take that, silly electrons!

If you’re going to JS Conf (tickets are technically sold out, but there is a waiting list!), you’ll also get the sweet opportunity to play with some NodeBots of your own (if you’re so inclined).

(And if you can’t make it to JS Conf, fret not; the talk will be taped and available for everyone to see sometime afterwards.)

As for the talk itself, I’m well aware that it’s a bit of a crazy notion - just wait for the presentation!

That’s all for now - if you’re paying extra special attention, you may find my code before I present it… ;-)