Someone (I don't know who) decided to write a Wikipedia article about me. The amount of information in this thing is incredible - the amount of energy, effort, and research that went into writing this article is absolutely humbling. On Friday, 28 August 2015, the article was deleted for lack…

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sewing, EOYP

Forget Resolutions, I've Got a Project

It's that time of year again. The New Year's Resolution. (More like the New Year's Promise Yourself You'll Be Better At That Thing You'll Forget You Promised Yourself You'd Be Better At In Two Months, amirite?) I used to be a Resolutionist. I've made all sorts of resolutions over the…

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Node, year in review, node

Let's Go, Chapter 4!

New Year's Eve, 2014: I've officially been a web developer/software engineer for three (3) years now. Wow. To catch up on my journey, you can read all about my decision to become a web developer, the big move to SF (aka the mecca of all things node), and my…

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Latinos, recipes, dad

Eating in California, Puerto Rican style

When I moved to California for college, I seriously missed my Dad's cooking. His cooking... is great. It's really the best. So he sent me a few recipes, just so I could start cooking on my own. I've been using them for years now, and now my friends are asking…

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I love working in tech. As a software developer, I have the ultimate power: I can build anything. The only things holding me back are my imagination, my time, and my desire. I'm a modern-day alchemist, making gold out of thin air. And it's with my magic that I genuinely…

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