Mac vs. PC vs. Linux

When it comes to computers, people ask me the same question every time - which are better? Macs or PCs?

And every time, I have to give them the same (unfortunate) answer - it depends!

Macs are my personal favorite - for certain things. PCs are everywhere, and so it’s good to know how to use one. And then there are Linux boxes, which I swear by for high-level computing and websites.

So if you’re in the market for a new computer, which should you choose? There is a LOT of information online - and I recommend doing your homework - but for a quick overview, consider the graphic I put together below.

Remember that no matter what you choose, it will be beat by something smaller, faster, and cheaper in less than a year. But for all intents and purposes, a computer is a computer - it helps you get your stuff done faster.

If you are looking to just use your computer for basics like checking email, writing letters, putting together a presentation, planning your budget, etc, then I recommend that you get last year’s model of whatever type of computer your most useful friends have. They will be the first ones you call if and when you have a problem, and they will be most able to help you if they are familiar with the setup you have.

If you are looking to do some gaming, refer to the games you want to play, since some of them only operate on specific operating systems.

Otherwise, if you are open to trying them all out, go to your local computer store and try them all out! Use whichever one feels most comfortable to you. It’s not rocket science, people - it’s just a computer.

Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux - An Overview

* OS = Operating System

If the graphic is tough to read, click on it to see a larger version!