Smart Latinas Gather Together

On July 9th I had the absolute pleasure of flying out to San Diego to speak at the Lambda Theta Alpha National Convention. LTA is the first and oldest Latina sorority in the US - and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet some of its members.

Growing up, as I have mentioned several times in this blog, such as here and here, I was very much alone in my Latina-ness. Besides my sister (5 years younger) and my mother and her friends (all a generation older), I had very little contact with other Latinas. Especially not with ones who I could compare notes with.

All that changed early in July when I found myself in a room full of Smart Latinas who, like me, had grown up in a bicultural world. It was how I imagine Wolverine felt when he discovered the rest of the X-Men.

As I listened to their stories of growing up in a variety of neighborhoods and communities from around the country, I noticed one thing - they were all happy to have found each other. Knowing that there are other women, like them, who know what it was like to be a Smart Latina, is so comforting and strengthening!

Most importantly, though, it validates the work I do at Escúchame. We are really doing our best to bring together Smart Latinas and elevate them to the next level. We aren’t about empowerment; other groups do an excellent job of doing that already. We are about taking your career to the next level: build your brand, share your knowledge, and profit from your expertise. Prove you are more than the stereotype, and make money while doing it!

If you’re wondering where the other Smart Latinas are, come to Escúchame - we’ll be happy to introduce you!