The Smart Latina's Guide to Technology

I’m on a plane, headed out west to California, and I have this ridiculous urge to check my Twitter feed and see if I have any text messages. What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m not alone, either: 87% (give or take) of the people on this plane are on some sort of electronic device (myself, I’m typing this up on my iPad). There’s no pretending that technology doesn’t exist, especially as I’m listening to music through my arm rest and watching the real-time flight status on the screen embedded into the headrest in front of me.

I currently write a weekly blog called “Smart Latinas…”. Now I’m going to step it up and do a weekly blog on technology, because in this ever-changing world, keeping up with all the new stuff (and knowing what to do with the old stuff) can be pretty hard!

So stay tuned to this site for technology updates every Friday. You can continue to catch the Smart Latina series on Tuesdays as well!