CrowdNotes Beginnings

Woohoo! At this point, I’ve spent 5 hours hacking on CrowdNotes.

Here’s what I’ve gotten so far:

  • A rough outline (on paper - well, on my iPad via the Notes Plus app) of what I want my app to do and how I want it to do it

  • A basic server module that handles incoming URL requests and sends the user to appropriate pages

  • A crazy basic “add note” page, with a dandy little form and everything

Ok, so maybe that doesn’t seem like a lot just yet, but I couldn’t do any of that yesterday!

To do next:

  • Integrate a database module (probably MongoDB?)

You can see the current state of the project on my GitHub page.

Also, for those who might be curious, I started out this whole process by following the tutorial in The Node Beginner Book, which gave me a basic understanding of what Node.js does and how it works. Then I watched both parts of the Node.js Step by Step tutorial on TutsPlus. And then I got going on my own code!

<note>On my honor (via the Caltech Honor Code, by which I fiercely abide), all the work I have done is my own. <rant>Yes, my code is similar to the code you may find in the links above, but I didn’t write it down unless I totally understood it.</rant></note>