Getting Up and Running

Usually, when one picks up a new project, it can be kind of costly. If you want to start baking, for example, you need to buy equipment (i.e. baking sheets, bread pans, mixing bowls, measuring cups, wooden spoons, etc), ingredients, maybe a cookbook or two, and so on. In reality, baking can get kind of expensive, which can be difficult if you’re strapped for cash and aren’t entirely sure if you want to really commit to it. (Remember when you were a kid and you begged your parents for something kind of expensive, and you promised you’d use it every. single. day. for the rest of your life? Yeah, did you?)

Fortunately, for someone moving into web development, it doesn’t really have to be that expensive. To date, I’ve spent less than $50 total:

Total: $42

Sure, some of these costs are monthly (i.e. Dropbox and GitHub), but you can’t win every time. That said, when it comes to a new career path, it sure does beat paying for a new college degree!