6 Weeks Later

In my last post, I talked about deploying my first app, CrowdNotes, to Nodejitsu.

Since then, I have actually managed to get to where I wanted to be when I first talked about transitioning into web development!

I’m SUPER pumped to announce that I’m now a Junior Developer at Skookum Digital Works, the best web shop in Charlotte. 6 weeks ago, I started as an intern, learning the ropes and getting exposed to all the technology I’ve wanted to play with!

In 6 weeks, I have done the following:

  • Built another Node app

  • Done front-end work in HTML5 and CSS3

  • Built a WordPress theme from scratch

  • Learned about test- and behavior-driven development

  • Manipulated the DOM using JQuery and Ender

  • Played around with Knockout and Mocha

Earlier this week (Monday, to be exact), I started my first day as a full-timer. Gone are the days of being an intern - but here are the days of using technology to make things AWESOME!

I couldn’t be more pumped.

With my new-found knowledge, I’ll be updating my website (honestly, it looks terrible now…) and hopefully be blogging more often again.

Huzzah and thanks for the support!