Four Years In And I'm Still Going 💪🏽

Four Years In And I'm Still Going 💪🏽
This was taken by our Director of Marketing, Sarah, during our Kickstarter campaign photo/video shoot. 😊

It's hard to believe that it's been almost four years since my last post! Though that's not really true - I've been writing loads over the last four years, just not here, in this blog.

If you're really curious, you can see most of my writing over on the Alpine Parrot blog, which I've entertainingly called The Giggle. I've written a lot about everything from how business has been going, to social justice, and to the cross-section between the two.

I've learned so much over the last four years! From building a physical product to building a customer base; from pitching to investors to building out complex financial projections; from weathering storms from COVID-19 to finding ways to navigate the economic uncertainty of 2023... it's amazing that this company is still at it.

Full transparency: it's been HARD. There are certainly good days, like getting our first purchase order from an independent retail store. And there are undoubtedly bad days, like finding out our production has been delayed because of a war on the other side of the planet. But it's the GREAT days, like meeting our customers and seeing the literal tears in their eyes when they put on clothes that fit their bodies, that keep me going.

I have no idea how many people will see this post, as Twitter is gone (RIP) and does anyone even use RSS readers anymore?! I've also moved the blog to a new host, so I don't even know if the RSS links I used to have are even valid anymore. But if you're reading this, thank you 💖 I'll make an effort to keep posting when I can.