It’s About More Than Pants…

It’s About More Than Pants…

When I started Alpine Parrot, I only had one product: the Ponderosa Pants, aka the best hiking pants I’ve ever worn (and continue to wear to this day)! But over the last four years, we’ve developed an incredible flannel shirt, amazing shorts, and my new favorite sun hoodie. It’s more than sufficient to call it an apparel company, imo.

But my role has shifted as well: I’ve ostensibly always been the CEO, but the work I do in that role has changed over the last four years.

I’d like to dedicate more of my writing to the development of Alpine Parrot the business, as opposed to its products, because I think that’s far more interesting now (and really the big challenge that I face every day)!

So of course now I need to update the title of the blog 😉

From web developer to pants developer to now… business developer? It’s so much more than that, but then again, it always has been.