Best Chocolate Chip Cookies On the Planet

These are the absolute best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever make/have. The sea salt is key — do NOT forget the sea salt. You can use regular salt the first time, but once you start using sea salt, you’ll never go back, unless you lose your sea salt, in which case you’ll think you’ve completely and totally failed at making chocolate chip cookies.

Christmas Croissants

Make these at least once a year (I do them at Christmas-time). They’re a lot of work (they take 3 days), but they’re holy cow amazing. No, really. They’re the closest things you’ll ever find to proper French croissants outside of France. Warning: they’re 90% butter, and udder-ly delicious.

Wedding-Cake Cake

If I had had the time, I would have made my own wedding cake with this recipe (apologies for the ads — content and quality of website aren’t always directly correlated). This cake freaking rocks, especially for birthdays. Or any occasion, really.

Dad’s Flan

Ok, so this one’s actually kind of a secret. No one knows the recipe, not even Dad. But I watched him make it once, and I made my husband copy some semblance of the ingredients and process. I even made it myself once, and it came out well, but not the same. This recipe is fairly close, though it’s in Spanish :-)

The Point of this Post

The stuff we make is best when shared with others. I share code, robots, and — now — some of my favorite recipes. I suspect you’ve got lots of good (non-technical) stuff worth sharing, too.

Let’s be nice, share the things we make with each other, and enjoy the tasty things in life.

(Also, this is the Pastry Box Project, and so far I haven’t seen any recipes. Fortunately, I <3 baking and can provide some quality options for you!)

Sharing Really is Caring

Have some amazing recipes you’d like to share, too? Please do!


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