New Year's Eve, 2014: I've officially been a web developer/software engineer for three (3) years now.


To catch up on my journey, you can read all about my decision to become a web developer, the big move to SF (aka the mecca of all things node), and my totally phoning-it-in post because I couldn't talk about what my plans were yet.

And then, if you're still with us, you can watch me talk about my journey in Evolution of a Developer.

The ride hasn't stopped (or even slowed down, really). This year, I spoke at nine (9) events in places like Melbourne, Australia; Waterford, Ireland; and Berlin, Germany. In addition, I wrote every month for The Pastry Box Project and did a bunch of podcasts, including NodeBots: LIVE!, which debuted at JSConf US 2014 and continued at RobotsConf 2014.

Over the last twelve months, I spent a lot of time focusing on community, from continuing to expand the NodeBots community to mentoring students and junior developers.

But I think the best part of 2014 (in terms of being a software engineer), was when I joined the npm, Inc. team in February. As the first employee, I knew what I was joining was special, but it's only been as the team and company have grown and matured that it's really dawned on me how fortunate I am.

On this day in 2011, I set out on a journey to Build a Better Internet. I knew virtually nothing about the web, but I was ready to dive in and learn everything I possibly could.

Three years later, I help build the tools that help everyone build a better Internet.

For 2015, I'll be continuing on in node (io.js?), focusing primarily on giving back to this community that has given me so much. I won't be giving as many talks next year as I have this year (gosh, I'm exhausted!), but I'll definitely be around on the Internet.

May 2015 be a year of growth, challenge, and opportunity for you; I know it will be for me <3